Covid Screening

Assisting our clients with:

Non-Symptomatic Covid Screening

Covid antigen test
Simple test at home or work
Workplace screening (multi)
Fit to Fly screening
One call or email for all your questions answered
Analysis results reported within 24 hours*

Stop Press
Now available

  • 10-minute saliva test**
  • 15-minute blood test (finger prick)**
  • 15-minute nasal swab**

Control, IgG & IgM indication

Lemon Cherry Limited are a Drug & Alcohol Screening Company, client led with this additional Covid screening availability.
* 24hrs from receipt at Laboratory. Weekend adjustment
**This is an administrative controlled CE approved specimen kit. Full details on application.

If you have symptoms please follow the Government Guidelines

WARNING: Due to the current high demand for screening please be cautious when sourcing a reputable service. There are and will be many ‘jumping on the band wagon’ with spurious offers to assist.